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Intellihub selected to deliver accelerated advanced meter roll out across Tasmania

Jun 9 2021

Australian and New Zealand metering and data intelligence provider Intellihub has been selected as the new metering coordinator for Tasmanian electricity retailer Aurora Energy, under a new long-term partnership.

A Tasmanian focused operation called TasMetering has been set up by Intellihub to deliver metering services to residential and small business customers under the agreement, reflecting a focus on better customer service delivered from a locally based team.

TasMetering will be based in Hobart and led by a team with international experience across some of the world’s largest and complex advanced metering roll outs.

An expanded team of local field technicians will help deliver new advanced meters to homes and businesses across Tasmania under the agreement.

The Tasmanian Government recently committed to the acceleration of advanced meters across the state, with the aim of reaching full deployment by 2026.

Intellihub CEO Adrian Clark said the business was excited and well placed to deliver the program, with a focus on safety and reliability and better customer service.

“Our aim is to set a new benchmark in quality metering in Tasmania,” Mr Clark said.

“This means we will be delivering outstanding customer service to Aurora Energy and its customers, and it means we will be bringing the best technology to showcase right here in Tasmania.

“This includes the next generation in metering and data delivery, and advanced digital tools for customers to schedule, track and give feedback on our service.”

Intellihub’s advanced digital meters not only eliminates estimated reads, but it also unlocks digital services and products for customers.

It’s also capable of dynamic load control, which helps customers save money and install larger solar systems and improves grid safety through improved diagnostics provided to distributors.

Aurora CEO Rebecca Kardos said Aurora looked forward to partnering with TasMetering given the strong alignment in strategic goals, principles and culture between the two companies.

“TasMetering’s drive to provide customers with the best possible experience is something that really resonated with us,” Mrs Kardos said.

“Advanced meters facilitate the development of modern products that empower customers to lower their energy costs.

“When paired with digital or other energy products that provide the metering data in a user friendly and informative way, advanced meters enable Tasmanians to make more informed choices about how and when they use electricity.”

Jon Bruschi has been appointed as CEO of TasMetering, bringing a wealth of experience in metering and IT operations from across the world.

Jon led one of the world’s largest deployments of smart meters in Japan, as well as roll outs across a number of states across the U.S.

He said TasMetering would bring an experienced, reliable and customer focused service to Tasmanian homes and businesses.

“We have established a dedicated and experienced team in Hobart and we’re looking forward to providing the best experience and service for Aurora and its customers.”

Intellihub’s metering technicians have already safely installed and tested the first one thousand meters under the new long-term partnership. We will be building our capabilities to deliver up to 10,000 advanced digital meters each month across the state.

Under the agreement, Intellihub will provide Metering Coordinator, Metering Provider and Metering Data Provider services to Aurora’s residential and small business customers.

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