Our customers

TasMetering provides metering and data services to residential and small business customers on behalf of Aurora Energy under a longer agreement announced earlier this year.

This includes advanced meter installations, remote reading, connection and disconnection. We also provide on and off market data in line with soon to be introduced five minute settlement requirements for the National Electricity Market.

We also service new customers that are connecting to the electricity market as well as larger business customers that are serviced in Tasmania’s contestable electricity market.

This includes customers in regional and remote areas and across all industries such as the telecommunications, manufacturing, water utilities, retail and agriculture sectors.

We can also provide new and innovative solutions for electricity networks to access data and manage the increasing two-way flow of renewable energy on the grid.

We aim is to set a new benchmark in quality metering with a focus on safety, reliability and outstanding customer service to Aurora Energy and its customers.

Who we serve

TasMetering safety


We take a safety-first approach to our operations across Tasmania. Our compliance track record across Australia and New Zealand is market-leading, driven by our resourcing, systems, and governance.

We are never complacent and so we engage all our customers in a continuous improvement program to ensure that our standards are upheld.

Safety is central to our values and beliefs system, and our safety policies and practices ensure that:

  • Meters are installed, operated and maintained safely and reliably
  • Meter installers carrying out work are appropriately qualified, trained and competent to attend a work site; and
  • The safety of employee, contractor, service provider, customers, members of the public and the installation is maintained.


Our customer service

At TasMetering, we believe that the customer experience when using our metering service matters. That’s why we developed our own new digital tool that makes it easier for customers to deal with us.

Our Tech Tracker App allows homes and businesses to book, prepare and track our metering technicians. We believe in continuous improvement and listening to our customers – so we also ask for feedback and a rating for all our metering technicians.

Our multi-vendor approach to meters, cloud and edge computing platforms also means we can provide solutions to complex metering installations and arrangements.


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