Our products

The Intelli-Suite

The Intelli-Suite is supported by our flagship products:

  1. The Intellihub Advanced Meter (This might be overkill)
  2. The Intelli-ConX
  3. The Intelli-Bee

These are intimately connected to provide a whole host of solutions (connect to Our Solutions page).

Intellihub’s Advanced Meter

Opportunity for us to tell the market that we have a far advanced meter that places us ahead of the crowd.

The Intelli-ConX

The Intelli-ConX, complete with five radios, extends the capability of all of our new smart meters as it offers the ability to host our Metering Services Interface and Partner Apps Stack. The Intelli-ConX is aptly named because it does exactly that: is the point of connection for all your devices in the home – and it doesn’t even require the use of your Wi-Fi.

The Intelli-Bee

The Intelli-Bee, named due to its ‘worker bee’ capacity in connecting appliances back to the hive, is our world-leading ‘turn anything smart’ product. Put simply, the Intelli-Bee will enable you to monitor, control and optimise your home as you desire. Solar systems, batteries, electric vehicles, air conditioning, pool pumps, the list goes on.

Intellihub realised that the true power in our smart meters could only be realised once we build the intelligent home system that can unlock the entire suite of benefits on offer.