Metering Services

Our metering data services unlock value for our customers across the Australian and New Zealand energy markets.

We set a new benchmark in quality metering services.


Our field service crews deliver a full range of advanced metering solutions to residential customers including single-phase, three-phase, whole current and CT connections.

We offer dynamic smart load control devices, solar metering and remote disconnection and reconnection services.

Our smart meters give insights in real-time; optimise the home for solar, batteries and electric vehicles; and enable new services like demand response and virtual power plants.

We offer a thorough site investigation and because we track every single step of each service we provide; your metering equipment and installations will always be fit-for-service and compliant with regulatory standards.

Commercial and Industrial

We provide metering services for type 2, 3 and 4 installations and can ensure any metering requirements are met for all C&I customers via direct metering agreements or via your retailer.

Our C&I Energy Management Portal helps our customers manage their energy monitoring and reporting needs. We also ensure your network tariffs are the right fit for your operations and we can deliver demand response, account management and NEW-12 data delivery.

Our ISO accredited Test House ensures your current and voltage transformers are calibrated and certified.

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Embedded Metering

Our seamless online offering for our embedded metering customers ensures quality metering, saves time and provides complete certainty and control.

We install and replace electricity and water meters with remote access communications. We also reprogram existing meters and provide fast and accurate billing data.

Our embedded team provides pre-site evaluations, access to online tool that estimate the cost of your project and allows you to easily place orders.

We provide real time access to workflow that allows you to access site records 24/7 and we closely manage all brownfield projects to ensure the job is done right.

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Data Insights

We provide safe, secure and fast delivery of all traditional on-market data to you, and we can also provide a range of off-market data delivery, to suit your needs.

Our services provides better visibility which includes voltage monitoring and fully encrypted safety and revenue alerts, outage and restoration alarms and status pings.

Our health and safety alerts give insight into unknown photovoltaic loads and voltage levels, and neutral faults. This allows fast restoration and repairs.


New Connections

We have built a quick and easy to use online portal so that ASPs can quickly and easily complete the connection process. It helps you get onboarded, trained and accredited with the right safety knowledge and equipment.

Work order requests are lodged online, and we liaise with retailers, so you quickly get you NMI, work orders and stock.

We make it as easy as possible for you to complete your connection process.

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Gas and Water metering

Intellihub began the move into smart gas and water metering in 2020 with the launch of the PulseHUB, our new product to provide data for hot water provided in embedded networks for developers, strata managers and owner corporations. We have a number of gas and water meter solutions that are in development with both our partners and customers.

Our end-to-end smart gas solution is also under development and will be released shortly.

Gas and water metering